Feeling Heartbroken? Use Hypnosis to Forget Someone

How can hypnosis help you forget someone and heal from heartbreak?

Heartbreak—we’ve all been there. And let’s face, it’s not fun at all. It can definitely be pretty excruciating. Suddenly the person you created great memories with and shared your life with is no longer with you. The pain is unrelenting and unbearable. You just want to forget that someone.

People handle break-ups in different ways. Some focus on work and family. Others spend lots of time with their friends. Some develop a new hobby or spend more time exercising. While it’s true that these methods are successful, sometimes they don’t work for you. If that’s the case and you are really looking to heal your heartbreak, then try hypnosis.

Hypnosis to Heal from Heart Break or Forget Someone
Heartbreak can be excruciating and painful. But it’s possible to forget that someone and heal from heartbreak  – FreedomHypnosisNYC.com


What is Hypnosis?

First, let’s define what it’s not. If you’re thinking that hypnosis is a magic and instant cure for heartbreak, then you got it all wrong. Many people assume hypnosis is a brainwashing technique. And when it comes to forgetting someone, it can magically erase memories. This misconception stems from what popular media has taught us about hypnosis.

Hypnosis is not a magic or parlor trick. It has long been recognized as a legitimate method to alleviate many ailments like anxiety, insomnia, bad habits (like nail-biting and overeating). It has been shown to empower individuals and increase their confidence.

It is pain-free and extremely effective. People utilize hypnotherapy to change their thinking. This includes how they forget someone and deal with heartbreak.

What happens during Hypnosis?

During a hypnotherapy session, you enter a state of heightened awareness. The hypnotherapist asks you to concentrate your attention to your goals for seeking help. For example, you want to get over your ex. You’ve experienced excruciating heartbreak and have tried many ways to forget him or her. Now, you want to try hypnosis.

During your first session, the hypnotherapist will ask you to enter a relaxed state of mind. Using relaxation techniques, you’ll be induced into a hypnotic state but without losing your focus or attention. You will be completely aware of your surroundings at all times.

You are not encouraged to sleep during these treatments. On the contrary, your hypnotherapist will guide you through meditation and mindfulness. During this guided meditation, you will be focusing your thoughts toward (or away from) certain situations. This will allow your mind to see your situation under a different set of beliefs, emotions and thoughts.

During this treatments, your subconscious mind which handles a lot of automated “patterns” – oftentimes negative – is accessed. Then you are encouraged to re-imagine these negative thought patterns into positive and empowering ones.

Hypnotherapy requires your active participation. You will never be asked to do anything against your will. By following the prompts to move towards a more positive frame of mind, your subconscious negative patterns are replaced. And you’ll soon see yourself enjoying the benefits of a more positive state of mind.

Will hypnosis help you forget someone?

The quick answer is NO. There’s no such thing as brainwashing or memory erasing. There’s no ethical modern therapy for it.

While studies show that it’s possible to actively forget an “emotionally-weak” memory, the same is not true for emotionally-strong ones. Often times, when we want to forget someone, it’s because we had bad emotionally-strong moments with them.

So what’s possible with hypnotherapy? Hypnosis can help you change how you perceive those emotional memories. Our memories are complex matter. One memory will lead to another set of memories and associations. By blocking specific portions of our memories, we will be left with gaps in our mind.

Further, bad memories are pushed deep in our subconscious minds as a way of protecting us from re-experiencing the pain and trauma. We may not be really dwelling on the specific memories, but we would always remember (or be triggered) by the negative emotions.

When we try to forget someone, it’s because of all the bad emotions and memories associated with them. And these are deeply rooted in our subconscious. In fact, the more forceful we try to forget the person and suppress the memories, the stronger they become.

So don’t do that! Don’t try to forcefully forget someone.

So how can hypnosis help me then?

Our memories are adaptable and flexible. They are open to suggestions. Every time we replay our memories, minor details are being adjusted. Oftentimes, without us realizing it.

We can change what our memories mean to us. We do this by creating new associations and narratives to our memories – even if they haven’t really happened in reality.

Hypnotherapy is an effective tool to help you “re-imagine” your memories. While it can’t help you forget about the person, it can help change how you remember the memories associated with the person.

During your hypnotherapy sessions, you can expect the hypnotist to ask you regression questions. These are questions about your past and how you view them. But along the session, they will ask you for focus on achieving your future goals. This way, your memories are being remolded.

Over time, as you learn to change your pattern of thinking related to the person, you’ll find that he or she eventually becomes a blip in your memory. It’s true that time heals all wounds.


Freedom Hypnosis Can Help

lets talk about your heartbreak-or-help-yourself-forget-someoneCraig Mackay, owner of Freedom Hypnosis, is available to help you with many of the things that may affect your quality of life, including heartbreak. Craig understands that when it comes to forgetting the pain of heartbreak, the key is to develop the skill to focus on something else.

With hypnotherapy, you don’t erase the memories. You refocus your thoughts to start forgetting someone. You’re taught to think of other things until one day it does not hurt as much. After several sessions, the pain starts to hurt less. Then several days and weeks go by and that person is no longer in the forefront of your thoughts. It then becomes apparent that you have moved on—all because of hypnosis.

Under the supervision of a professional hypnotist, the individual is put into a relaxed state where the subconscious mind is tapped and undesirable feelings and emotional roadblocks are released. Craig believes in the importance of healing feelings and changing a negative outlook to one of strength and power. Eliminating mental obstacles opens up the mind to healthier, more beneficial relationships. This is how hypnotherapy helps you forget someone and cure heartbreak. 

Freedom Hypnosis is located in the Long Island City area of Queens, New York. We care about your well-being and are eager to help you create a life full of positivity and fulfillment. For more information or questions, please visit craigjmackay.com; call (917) 300.1809; or email Craig MacKay at craig@craigjmackay.com.

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  1. It wasn t until the following weeks that I was able to see the smaller, yet still profound ways hypnosis had helped. When Tom texted me a few weeks later I ignored his message, something I never thought I would be able to do. Like Mosaner said, I knew that responding was a step away from being 100 percent happy with someone new.

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