Weight Loss Hypnosis NYC

Sometimes you can look in the mirror and not like what you see. And you may no longer feel like the energetic New Yorker that hustles effortlessly uptown for work then downtown for drinks that you once were. You used to be able to do several activities at once but these days, not only do you lack the energy, you lack the confidence—because you have gained weight. Satisfaction with weight is different for everyone and the ability to lose it can sometimes be more difficult than watching your diet and exercising. When that is the case, hypnosis can aid in weight loss.

Weight Loss Hypnosis

The Benefits of Hypnosis

Despite what you see on television or in the movies, people under hypnosis do not do wild, crazy things and lose control of themselves. Hypnosis sessions are very safe and actually quite pleasant. It can help change certain unwanted behaviors such as smoking or nail biting; alleviate pain and anxiety; it can even help with a person’s confidence and insomnia.

Under hypnosis, individuals are guided in a relaxed state where they are better able to concentrate and respond to suggestion. This hypnotic state can help in releasing mental blocks and beliefs that are present. By accessing the subconscious mind, the part of the mind that permanently stores our memories and experiences, a heightened awareness is obtained and the hypnotist guides the individual through suggestion to overcome the mental obstacles necessary for improvement.

Aid in Weight Loss

It is no secret that often the way you look directly affects the way you feel. A few extra pounds may mean that you no longer fit into your favorite outfit which in turn makes you decide to stay in instead of go out with friends. Additional weight can hinder doing activities with loved ones, as well, like keeping up with your children or grandchildren. Dissatisfaction with your weight can also affect your relationship with others, including family, friends, even co-workers.

If you are doing laborious activities or have a physical job, additional pounds can jeopardize your position which influences finances. And no one wants that to happen. However, since hypnosis can help strengthen the effect of mind over body, it is an effective aid in weight loss. With weight loss, a huge component of its success is changes in lifestyle such as diet and exercise. Hypnosis has shown to be an effective tool in reinforcing a commitment to those changes.

Just a chance

If you do not like the reflection you see in the mirror, why not give hypnosis a chance? It is natural, safe, and painless. It is actually a very pleasant experience. Freedom Hypnosis, located in the Long Island City/Queens area of NYC specializes in providing its clients a welcoming and peaceful environment for hypnosis sessions.

Freedom Hypnosis cares about their clients’ well-being and are intent on helping them achieve their goals. If you have any questions or require additional information, please visit craigjmackay.com; call (917) 300.1809; or email Craig at craig@craigjmackay.com


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